Jobs for Technical Writers Await You!

Technical writers for hire are experts responsible for drawing up user manuals, technical assignments for developers, and technical documentation in general. Your goal is creating content which an end-user will understand. As a rule, a company or a group of developers have tons of technical information which will be difficult for understanding to an average company client or fellow colleague from another department.

Remote technical writer jobs available daily

That being said, technical writer requirements basically imply taking an unstructured, poorly formatted technical text (raw documentation, manual, list of specifications) and transform them into content a ‘normal’ person will understand. Tech writers are people who explain difficult things in a simple language. Here’s the list of skills a consistent writer in this area possesses:

  • Language brevity
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Basic knowledge of graphic design tools (Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint)
  • Coding skills (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript) are a plus
  • Subject matter expert in one or several fields
  • Knowledge of MLA, APA, Chicago manuals of style
  • Proper soft skill and intercommunication abilities

Freelance technical writer is basically a ‘geek’ with passion for writing. Some techy people go for software development, some prefer QA, some fulfil themselves in management and business analyses, while others enjoy writing about technology. Great plus is that you can work at home without having to leave for an office position. What are the duties of a technical writer?

  • Close cooperation with a client to gain in-depth understanding of a product or service, which is a subject to technical documentation development
  • Research of provided background data and relevant info regarding a product
  • Generation of relevant, savvy tech content which is understandable to a target audience
  • Developing texts for website interfaces, online F.A.Q. pages, developer guides, user tutorials, etc.
  • Analyzing existing content and finding ways to improve it
  • Updating existing technical documentation in accordance with product updates and new features rolled out

These are the main responsibilities of a part time technical writer. Client provides text data and other suitable documentation for you to work on coherent, cohesive content and specifies a deadline. Are you an expert in a suggested technical area? Do you have time and qualification to fulfil the job? Feel free to take an order and then get paid for excellent work done.

Work from home for technical writers, you interested?

Jobs4Writer offers remote technical writer jobs are available every day. Our goal is to provide a meeting point for those people in need of a proper text and those who are ready to elaborate on a content which meets prompt requirements. Register now and after finalizing a simple proficiency test you’ll get access to all available orders from all the copywriting categories.

Work well, comply with order instructions A to Z, and meet the deadlines to earn more than any office salary can promise. We don’t have any limits in regards to how many texts you have to write. One text a week or five a day, your wage depends only on how many orders you feel strong to finalize in a quality fashion. Freelance technical writer jobs are available for everyone with a skill and can-do attitude. Do texts part-time or when there’s some spare hours in the office – your commitment and expertise will be rewarded accordingly.

In the world of technology, few actually possesses decent English writing skills. Developer do code, they don’t do texts. A couple of sentences joint in a passage? Maybe, but it takes much more to call this a text. That’s exactly why companies seek to contract technical writer on a freelance basis and get the job done right. Clients don’t need technical documentation, what they need is either a user manual or a selling copy showcasing why they should prefer a particular product or service. Are you fit for the challenge? Then, sign up in the system, complete the quick test and take your first technical writing order now.