Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the main benefits of working with Job4Writer’s team?

There are plenty of them. First of all, working as a freelance writer is the biggest advantage as you can manage your time by yourself and work on assignments whenever and wherever you want. What about our freelance platform, we strive to make writers and editors from our team feel comfortable and secure while working with us. That’s why we have developed a list of strong guarantees such as constant workflow, on-time payments, additional bonuses and friendly support.


  1. Is it free to join your team?

Yes. No fees. All you have to do is just sign in and take a test to get the approval. That’s all!


  1. What can you offer to me if I decide to join

Our company offers timely payments for your completed orders. Also, we guarantee that you will receive new orders on a regular basis, as most of our clients come back for more content again and again. Besides, you have an opportunity to become a top writer and receive even more bonuses for each new order. What is more, we always encourage our freelancers to develop their skills and try dealing with new scientific fields.


  1. Who can apply?

Our company considers applications from both professionals and beginners. Here at, we have gathered a team of writers and editors with different educational level: from college graduates to PhDs. What is really important is your language and time management skills. And of course a strong desire to blossom out. If you are one of those candidates, who want to build a successful freelance career, – welcome to submit an application.


  1. What differs you from other similar companies?

First and foremost, it is an attitude to our team of freelancers. We never exploit our writers and editors. What we do is creating a comfortable environment to work. Why do we do that? We want our writing experts to grow professionally and fulfill their potential.

  1. How does the process of working on order look for writers?

Customers place orders on our website. Writers are allowed to select projects from the list of the available orders. Once you as a writer or editor start working on the chosen task, you are required to complete it in accordance with given instructions. When the project is submitted, the client can either approve it or request revisions in case of plagiarized or poor-quality content. If an order is confirmed, you get money for the work on your balance.


  1. Does your company guarantee on-time payments?

Yes, promises to pay regularly (once or twice per month) without delay. No doubt, we always pay on time using a pay-per-page system. The rates offered by our company can vary depending on the client’s preferences and writer’s level of qualification.


  1. What type of assignment can customers order?

In fact, a wide range of projects is placed on Thus, you can always find something that suits you the most. Usually, clients turn to our company looking for the following types of content: web pages, advertisements, blog posts, annual reports, posts for social networks, presentations, product descriptions, speeches, white papers, etc.)


  1. Can I submit the same paper to several customers?

Of course, you can’t do that. All documents delivered to clients must be completely original and written from scratch according to the provided instruction. Any violations can be the cause of the review request or even termination.


  1. What is your policy concerning plagiarism? aims to be the leading service in the writing industry. It is possible to achieve high results only by providing clients with the content that corresponds to the highest standards. Due to this, we check each submitted order with the plagiarism detection software. This is how we exclude any possibility of copied content.


  1. Do customers get the copyright on the content?

Yes, customers are copyright holders of content purchased on Nevertheless, clients who do not approve or do not pay for the order to the writer, can’t get the copyright.


  1. Are clients able to request revisions?

Proving customer satisfaction is the part of our business strategy. If the order doesn’t meet customers expectations, they can use one round of revisions. There are several reasons for the revision request. Here are some of them:

  • unfulfilled instructions;
  • poor quality of the paper;
  • plagiarized content.

In case, the writers haven’t followed the initial requirements, they are expected to perform the revision request.


  1. Is it important to meet the deadline?

Yes, the policy of meeting deadline is crucial for our company. Thus, time frames given for order fulfillment need to be followed strictly. If you choose the order from the list of available projects, please make every effort to submit it strictly on time. We clearly understand that emergencies are possible. In such circumstances, you should contact a support team or customer and ask to extend the deadline or re-assign your project to another writer. If you don’t wait until the last minute to do that, most certainly, you will get a positive response.


  1. Can I provide a customer with my contact information?

No, writers are not allowed to exchange personal contact information with clients. All communication must take place only on our website for privacy purposes.


  1. What can I do if I still have some questions?

If you still have a question or want to find out some additional details, please feel free to contact our support team via email, phone, or chat. Our support representatives are available to help you.