Copy Editing Jobs for Professional Editors

Copy editing jobs are a profitable mean of earning extra funds in addition to your full-time income. In all times, there’re people who prepare new, original content and there’re people proofreading this content in and out. Most writers are sloppy editors. That’s why most publishing houses, internet editorials, blogs and news websites hire a dedicated editor tasked to proofread and quality-assure published texts. However, not all blogs and websites have an editor in the staff. Many prefer hiring a freelancer to do the blue-penciling on a part-time basis.

Online copy editing jobs for you

Jobs4Writer offers serious well-paid jobs in copy editing for diligent, meticulous proofreaders. Dozens of clients upload newly written content which has to be edited A to Z. Imagine a client who’ve just finalized a new text, for example a student and his term paper. Great job has been done, but now the customer seeks expert editing of the suggested text, so that it becomes 100% correct, grammar impeccable and stylistically flawless. And that’s exactly where you step in with an attentive eye and excellent knowledge of how a consistent, coherent text has to look like.

Online copy editing jobs are paid for pretty well. Making an average text excellent is your primary goal, for which clients are ready to spend some solid money. There’re students, business owners, webmasters and publishing houses, all looking for a reliable, attentive copy editor who can spot a tiny-tiny typo and fix it for good. Our service offers an online marketplace for clients with texts which have to be proofread and professional editors ready to take on the job. To start earning by checking texts for mistakes and errors you have to sign up in the system and complete a quick proficiency test. After that, you’ll have access to all proofreading assignments available at the moment. New orders are present every day, you’re free to choose any you find fit and finalize it on time to get paid the specified sum.

Freelance copy editing jobs from home are another fantastic mean to earn with your writing skills in your free time. Do some writing, then do some editing, and then welcome a nice sum to your bank account at the end of the day. Payments are due once or twice a month, whatever you prefer. In case a topic of the text suggested for editing lies within the framework of your professional activity and area of expertise, feel free to leave your bid and wait a moment or two till an order is assigned. All we ask of you is make sure you can fit into the deadline on time, delivering a finally proofread text.

Copy editing jobs at Jobs4Writer are a profitable way for a freelancer to earn more. In a couple of years, you could be able to swap your full-time office position in favor of working at home on a permanent basis. Fulfil orders every day and this won’t be a problem. Content is the archstone of how the internet works today, help people publish such content on their websites and you will prosper too.

Are you ready to become wealthy and financially independent? Then, sign up now. We can’t wait to offer you editing jobs that you are looking for.