It’s Time to Put Your Creative Writing Skills to Great Use!

Are you a writing major who is already in that career path looking to put the talents to work? Maybe you never thought that you could make great cash as a novelist, essayist, poet, blogger or even as a copywriter. Perhaps you had great hopes of a career in writing as you were working on your degree, but the opportunities have not been forthcoming. This is your perfect chance to start making great strides in your career and build a lucrative start to your creative writing work without the need ever to go a regular 9-5 job. Apply today and experience open door season on your career!

Enhanced Prospects as a Freelancer with Your Creative Writing Degree

While in school, you may have aspired to go into such career paths as advertising, content creation or digital copywriting, etc. Making a solid living from such career paths is quite difficult as a beginner, but not impossible. Now, the prospects of getting good cash from that creative writing degree have greatly improved with the opportunities that our company offers. As a freelancer, you can work from wherever you are in the world and put your creative talents to great use. This also means that you can work on your career while working as a freelancer as a side gig earning a good income.

It takes time to build a portfolio as a professional writer, and it may take longer to get into a stable income. Experience is always important in this field as your work matures. With freelance jobs for creative writing at our company, you will not only gain that precious experience, but you will also learn more about SEO content writing which you can use to draw audiences to your work in blogs, newspaper articles, strategic communications, etc.

Why Go for Our Company’s Freelance Creative Writing Jobs?

Our company offers you the opportunity to put your degree, talent and free time to good use and still make a great income from it. We offer freelance creative writing jobs and opportunities for progress the minute you sign up with our company. By taking that first step and creating an account with us, you stand to:

  • Benefit from a flexible working environment in which you are your boss, work autonomously and remotely and can upload files from wherever you are. All our orders have flexible deadlines, and you’re free to pick only what works for you. No pressure!
  • Make enough income as a side hustle. Our orders are priced reasonably, and you will also come into a tiered system in which your income increases progressively as your writing level rises.
  • Grow as a professional in the writing sphere, through interacting with other creatives and writers on our platform. You will also access a whole array of learning resources such as SEO material, tutorials, sample articles, and blogs, etc. These you can use to learn more about how to write effectively.
  • Work on jobs that pique your interest and which are relevant to your career path. We have plenty of creative writing jobs available for anyone who wants to join our team in all disciplines.

Discover more about our platform. All benefits will unravel, and it will be a great experience for you. We focus on creating high quality and impactful content that adheres to all instructions that our customers give us. Each job has different specifications, and our work is to create smart content that fulfills those specifications.

What We Desire from Those Seeking Our Creative Writing Jobs Online

We make it a priority to give anyone who has a knack for content creation and writing a chance, even if they haven’t dabbled in the trade before. Once you fill out the online application form, you’ll need to take a grammar/language test and a writing skills test, to make sure that you are capable of delivering high-quality content to our customers. Our orders are of different types, from fiction stories, blog articles, creative copywriting, poems, and literary analysis. Most of our customers are return customers with subscriptions to our service, therefore, expect a steady supply of online creative writing jobs.

Customers provide instructions and their expected deadlines, and our QAD team works to verify and clarify all those instructions before they are forwarded to you. Thus, you won’t have problems with orders with vague or unreasonable instructions. Even if you do encounter such orders, you can always seek clarifications on our messaging dashboard, either directly from customers or our support team. We always provide templates that provide a good fit on what needs to be done, and as you work on more orders, the format that we desire becomes ingrained in you.

What Are Our Requirements for Writers?

Our ideal candidate for any freelance creative writing account is one with a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing. However, what matters most to us is the ability to write expressively and to think outside the box, keen attention to detail, and ability to beat deadlines. Therefore anyone who feels like they have the talent or are willing to learn is encouraged to apply. We have plenty of jobs in creative writing in everything from healthcare, marketing, sports, physics, education, etc. We also have creative writing teacher jobs for those from the education sector. There’s something for everyone on our platform. Our team provides real-time updates on orders through our well-designed dashboard. Our system engineers always work to ensure that our web platform is up and running 24/7. Therefore you’ll never experience unnecessary system downtimes.

Stay with Us and Use Our Services

There are plenty of opportunities available for those who want to work from home and are looking to make a good income from it. We are long established and therefore have a consistent supply of creative writing jobs online for everyone. Our services include content creation for blogs, websites and academia, and more tailored SEO content for businesses looking to make an impact and grow their market reach. Join our freelance team today by hitting that apply button!

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