Writing Career: Earn a Living Doing Remote Content Creation Jobs

Start your writing career with us! Thanks to our rapidly increasing customer base, we are always looking to bring on board new writers to help us in providing content that captures the voice of our clients. You do not need to have previous experience as a pro writer. However, if you do, then you will quickly get accustomed to working with our many, loyal customers. Our pay rates are decent too, and you are rewarded based on the complexity of your order’s instructions.

Interested in Starting a Career in Writing? Here Is What You Need

We offer careers in writing for interested individuals with different levels of experience. As such, we encourage both seasoned professionals and those who are only starting a career in writing to apply. While accomplished writers have the edge over those who want to start a writing career, providing excellent content can see beginners move up our ranks in no time. With time, we know that all writers will reach a level where they can provide high-quality content.

That said, here is what you need to launch your career in freelance writing on our platform.

  • Bachelors level of education

Our customers want high-quality content. Therefore, to provide them with the same, we need to work with writers with university/college level education in different areas of specialization. Having a degree in a field that your customer wants you to write about will make your work all the easier.

  • Good command of English

An excellent understanding of grammar will ensure that you always impress your customers. You should be capable of writing work that is free of punctuation mistakes, typos, misspellings, among other grammatical errors.

  • Excellent research skills

All writers should be capable of digging deep into publications, journals, authority websites, and other resources to uncover facts, ideas, and figures that reinforce the messages the customers wish to communicate. The more researched a piece is, the better.

  • Top-notch writing abilities

Can you sway opinion with through writing while also communicating the customer’s message? If yes, then we are looking for you. Our customers want nothing short of excellent work that captures their messages effectively.

  • An understanding of SEO

To have a successful career as a content creator, you should be capable of writing website texts that rank highly on search engines. Linking, good use of keywords and site structuring are some of the SEO issues you should be familiar with or willing to learn.

  • Unmatched professionalism and collaborative communication style

In this line of work, you need to be courteous enough when communicating with your customers. This way, you will retain and attract more customers, which means good things for you- better pay, higher ratings, and even bonuses!

Apart from that, your messages to both the customer and our support team should show that you are willing to collaborate. In the end, everything you do on our platform should lead to the satisfaction of your customers.

Have we just described you? Then start a career today! Do not worry about anything for our writer support team will guide you through the tackling of your first tasks.

Why You Should Work with Us: Our Unique Offerings

We are the ideal platform if you are keen on pursuing writing as a career. Check out the advantages of working with us:

  • Pay that matches your work

The number of pages completed is not the overall determinant of the amount of money you receive as payment. We also factor in the complexity of the tasks. If you tackled complicated orders, then your salary will go up as well. Moreover, our freelance writers can quote the prices they feel comfortable with ahead of working on a task.

  • Freedom to choose when to be paid along with your payment method

We process the payments for our writers twice each month. However, you can choose to save up and receive your entire month’s salary at once. You can choose the type of payment method to use, for example, PayPal, Payoneer, among other trusted channels.

  • Work at your desired pace

You can pick a delivery date that does not conflict with any of your other undertakings. Also, you have to give consent before we assign an order to you. The same applies to customer request orders —it’s up to you decide to work on them or not.

  • Easy application process

To start earning from your writing skills, all you have to do is fill and submit the online application form. After that, pass our writing tests and book a position among our professional writers.

  • Professional support and guidance 24/7

Our writer support team is available round the clock to help you address any issues you might face. If you feel like it’s time to get a promotion, you can request us for the same.

How to Start a Writing Career at Our Trusted Platform

Want to know how to start a writing career with us? Follow this straightforward process to start working from home:

  • Fill the application form on our website and submit it
  • Attempt our writing skills tests
  • You will get the results of your performance via email. Successful applicants can proceed to log in to their accounts and change their passwords
  • Complete your orders and earn

This Is Where to Start a Career in Content Writing

Your search for where to start a career in content writing ends here. Once you join us, you will be working with a variety of customers providing content on marketing, technology, yoga, education, blockchain, and so forth. You do not have to pay to join us or once you start working. For any clarifications, contact our support team. Apply to launch your career in content writing!

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