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Professional business plan writers and those experts having a knack in press releases are always wanted. You’ll be amazed at how many company owners, webmasters and private entrepreneurs are constantly looking for a finely crafted business text. Most of time, you’ll be dealing with business plans and press releases, whereas there’ll most definitely be assignments related to Marketing, email and promo copywriting in general.

Let’s take a medium-size company as an example. All in all, there’re 100+ people working in the office. Staff is already full, plus the venue space is most likely overcrowded. That’s why when business writer jobs are due, they’re delegated to freelance experts – you. Work with us and receive constant flow of well-paid business content orders from reliable clients knowing how much solid, consistent writing costs. Corporate clients are ready to pay, so the question is – are you ready to deliver quality texts?

Profitable business writer jobs available 24/7

Talented business content writer always has an order to complete and a wage to earn. Recruiters from the corporate segment are constantly in search of business plan writers for hire and those specialists knowing how to draw up a proper press release. Offered rates are not only fair, they’re quite profitable in comparison to other fields. Here’re all the benefits of working with Jobs4Writer:

  • Quick registration
  • Constant flow of orders
  • Free choice of orders – you like it, you take it!
  • Reliable clients who always pay for texts
  • Talk to customers directly
  • Payments once or twice a month via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill
  • Free writer Support

Truth is that skilled business writers are immediately bought up by clients who value quality above the price. Even a news website owner will be ready to spend a solid sum on a business blog post or analytical article done up to the mark. Are you into B2B, B2C writing, or maybe both? Then there’re a couple of profitable deals already waiting for your attention. Take an order, understand the requirements and finish the job in time. After that, get paid.

Who wants to hire press release writer?

In-house office copywriter is a position gradually getting outdated year after year. As a freelance business writer, you are able to earn more and spend zero hours in the office. Dress code? Lunch breaks? Uncomfortable armchair? Noisy colleagues chatting during a Skype call? That’s history, more and more company owners seek to outsource as many duties as possible. Finances, copywriting, coding, design – these are the areas delegated to freelance experts 7 times of 10.

And it’s here where professional press release writers and business plan gurus step in. Swift, competent and efficient writing is what a client needs. Finalize an order fast and get paid, that’s a win-win situation for everyone. There’re only 30 in-office writer positions open in the U.S. on LinkedIn. Last year there were 70. Freelancing over working in the office is the trend now favored by hirers and experts alike.

Business plan writers for hire needed

Where will a customer looking to hire press release writer will go on the first place? Jobs4Writer is the service aiming to connect the dots for company owners in demand of quality business texts, as well as competent authors well-versed in business plans, press releases, direct emails, B2B/B2C marketing, etc. Do you have any experience in these areas? Great news for you, there’re dozens of customers in need of a specialist like yourself.

Money is always paid duly. Choose receiving payments once or twice a month and gain financial independence today. Writers who’ve been with us for more than a year pull in 20-40% more than they had on an office position. And that’s without any corporate routine, bureaucracy and daily commuting. Write text when you want to, receive payments and spend the day resting, or simply take another order. Order turned out more difficult than you originally estimated? Contact a client directly and discuss the deadline. Just make sure your text lives up to the prompt.